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JEEHP : Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions


Why publish with JEEHP

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For contributors
Why publish with Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions (JEEHP)

First description January 8, 2018

Guaranteed scientific quality with open data policy and peer review
  • The submitted manuscript is reviewed by not only peer reviewers but also the editorial team.
  • The initial quality control by the editorial office check follows: Author taxonomy and author identifier (ORCID); statement on the conflict of interest; informed consent or approval by the appropriate institutional review board for human subject studies; financial disclosures; full compliance with open data policy by submitting raw data and processed data; fitness to aims and scope; exact description based on the style and format; and description according to the reporting guideline if applicable.
  • If it does not pass the initial quality control or does not fit the aims & scope, the author is recommended to revise the manuscript accordingly or to find other journals for submission before the review process.
  • During the review process, raw data or processed data are provided to peer reviewers; therefore, reviewers can look into the data and check scientific soundness more vigorously. Based on the open data policy, readers can reproduce same results with the raw data. It is for the best scientific quality assurance of the articles. JEEHP is a unique journal on education, which has adopted open data policy. Therefore, the scientific quality of an article is guaranteed if it is accepted.
Rapid review decision and e-pub ahead of print after acceptance
  • The submitted manuscript is immediately checked by the editorial office so that the decision whether to circulate the manuscript is usually made within 48 hours.
  • The first round peer review is usually completed within 14 days.
  • If the manuscript is accepted after review and revision, it is published in journal homepage and PubMed as an e-pub ahead of print with water mark. It enables rapid presentation of new findings or opinions to the world before final publishing process including manuscript editing, English editing, PDF formatting and XML production.
  • Review process statistics for manuscripts is available at
High customer satisfaction for authors, reviewers, and readers
For authors
  • Not only rapid decision but also immediate publication after acceptance is what most authors want.
  • JEEHP provides the endnote style file for the manuscript preparation.
  • Authors can recommend peer reviewers. We recommend authors to recommend researchers who have known them well in the same institute or the same field as preferred reviewers so that they can review with more affection on the colleague’s manuscript.
  • An accepted manuscript is processed for manuscript editing, English editing, and re-drawing of figures for more lucid and simple presentation. After publication, authors can confirm the article-level metrics such as number of hit, download, citation via Crossref metadata and other databases, and Altmetrics.
  • If any article is cited by other articles, data are dispatched to the corresponding author of the cited article.
  • There is no author-side submission fee or article processing charge although it is an open access journal. All publication cost is on the publisher.
  • If an article is supported by research funds of United States National Institute of Health that requires deposition of the published article to PubMed Central, it is automatically deposited to PubMed Central after publication.
  • JEEHP participated in Crossref Funder registry so that any article supported by funds can be listed in Funder registry. Funding organization can easily trace its output through Funder Registry.
  • Authors are asked to make an audio recording of the abstract including the title; however, if it is not feasible, a volunteer for the work is available.
  • Authors can deposit the final version of an article to their institutional repository.
For reviewers
  • The review procedure in the e-submission system is very simple and lucid.
  • They can write comments not only to the authors but also to the editor.
  • The reviewer's opinion is highly reflected in the editorial decision.
For Readers
  • Readers can enjoy reading the articles, hearing the abstract audio recording, and seeing video clips without any payment. They can easily read the articles through Android app or iPad app without access to the internet, if they have downloaded all the articles.
  • Readers can enjoy reading with a format of PubReader or that of e-pub 3.0. These formats are convenient because of consistency in font size in any browsers or book-like reading interface. Print with PDF format is also possible.
  • Owing to cited-by function of references, readers can move to digital object identifier (DOI) landing page, PubMed site or PubMed Central site of reference.
  • Readers can trace the most frequently cited articles, funded articles, and articles by author names. It is also possible to trace the articles according to publication types.
  • Readers can easily check the present status of every article through Check for updates (CrossCheck) provided by Crossref. If errata, corrigenda, retraction, or other changes in articles occur, it is easy to trace it.
  • Crossref text and data mining function of each article is a good source for systematic review or meta-analysis. Readers can benefit from access to the full text of related articles.
  • Download citation function is provided in each reference style of the articles. It is convenient for readers to cite JEEHP in their manuscripts.
  • One of the most beneficial advantages that JEEHP can offer is access to the raw data. They can replicate the analysis of data or can adopt other methodology for analysis. Raw data from high stakes examination is invaluable for the application of theoretical study to real data. Furthermore, meta-analysis can be done with the raw data besides the article itself.
  • Any suggestions or comments on a specific article can be stated by submitting a "letter to editor."
Specific scope on educational evaluation from a variety of medical health fields
  • It is specialized in educational evaluation including adoption of measurement theory to medical health education, promotion of high stakes examination such as national licensing examinations, improvement of nationwide or international programs of education, computer-based testing, computerized adaptive testing, and medical health regulatory bodies.
  • Its field comprises a variety of professions that address people's medical health. Besides specialized topics, another merit is that it comprises all medical health professions’ education. Medical health professions have a common goal of liberating the human race from suffering form diseases or illnesses. Therefore, they can share the same principles and methods of educational evaluation. Tools developed in one professional field can frequently be adopted by other fields more easily.

JEEHP : Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions